Feb 252015

Obligation vs True Desire with Leah LaChapelle

Are you serving out of obligation or out of true hearts desire? Are you following your soul path or anothers imposed upon you for approval? How can you tell?


Leah LaChapelle is an impassioned facilitator of the Great Awakening of Humanity. She is among the proactive ground crew, anchoring in the New Paradigm as a speaker, author, internet talk show host, and awakening coach in Austin, TX.
Leah offers her Waking Up To….. Me! trans-dimensional awakening coaching for help and support in creating Our life
scripts at the end of this Age, and the beginning of the next.
Her live internet radio show UNZipping Reality~The 3rd Awakening is heard on TalkShoe.com. Her book UNZipping
Reality, 11 Steps to Create the World We Want is available on Amazon and on her website, FearOrLove.com. Leah is bringing people together and building oneness in the local and global community. She and her community are calling on activists to become vibrational “activators” of the New Paradigm, by Showing Up AS Peace. www.facebook.com/showingupaspeace


Our Choice: FEAR  . . . or LOVE ?

What does a society based on FEAR look like? (hint: Just look around you!)
What would a society based on LOVE look like? What would the people be like?

What kind of government would they have? Is this kind of world even possible?

Scheduled Time:

Date: Thursday, February 26, 2015
Time: 7:00-9:00 PM Central

Call in: 218-339-8525

Listen and Chat here:

Feb 232015

Welcome Back AFR Relaunch

Listen to the Archive here:
02-25_2015 Soul Journeys Radio Returns – Christie Aphrodite.mp3

Please watch the video to listen to the archive if you are able, thank you for your support.


WE ARE BACK!  :-)  OMG Where did the time go???  I’m so happy to be back online (somewhat) and will be updating you all as to where I’ve been, what I’ve been up to, share some of my challenges and lessons I’ve been faced with during this extremely chaotic and transitional year…

We will discuss the vision of the future of Soul Journeys Radio and what it will take to get there.  Please feel free to call in and share your thoughts as well! :-)

Scheduled Time:

Date: Wednesday, February 25, 2015
Time: 7:00-9:00 PM Eastern

Call in: 218-339-8525

Listen and Chat here:

May 112014

Hi there all!  I know it’s been a while…I love you and miss you all, but I have not had a computer to reach out and up date on…Thankfully it looks like that will be changing soon.

So many things to update you on since my last post, but I will say this, my needs were in fact met during this journey, despite me being in the dark my last couple posts where I couldn’t actually see what was happening…  In fact it led me to a peaceful little place I call home now.  I went back to Branson last month to sell everything, give away everything I owned to live in a travel trailer on the road!  Now I can pick up and take off anywhere I want at any time…just like I always wanted! :)

I cannot explain the beautiful magic that transpired on my journey but I will say this…it was not there when I was trying to do things “my” way, follow routine and what everyone else expects.

The magic unfolded when I through caution to the wind and followed my heart 100%…not the half assed stuff laced with excuses we are so used to…

Speaking of magic and stepping outside our comfort zone…I will be joining the lovely Princess Leah LaChapelle on her show Unzipping Reality, the 3rd Awakening tonight.  :)

Check out this cool promo she made…

LISTEN TO THE ARCHIVE HERE: http://arc.souljourneysradio.com/05-11-2014_UnZippingReality-Christie-TS-859184.mp3

UNZipping Reality – The 3rd Awakening

                             with Leah LaChapelle                                   


Christie Czajkowski,

non-conformity explorer, nature enthusiast, herbalist, healer



www.talkshoe.com/tc/128838 LISTEN LIVE AND CALL IN 474-444-7444, ID 128838#, press “1”

Leah’s guest:

Christie Czajkowski – natural healer




Christie will guide us into our responsibility to be free by getting real, getting out of conformity, and being in a comfortable space while getting…..

….. out of our comfort zone!


ID 128838#  press “1”


www.talkshoe.com/tc/128838  link to listen



                                                  Awakening Coach, Speaker, Author,

                                         Host of UNZipping Reality

Leah LaChapelle



Your reality is anxiously awaiting the UNZipping process – so take hold and…. PULL!      




Email Leah for your personal awakening session by phone, Skype, Google+, or in person

“non conformity explorer”  I LOVE that!!!  :)  Leah is so good with her words and makes me sound really special…and while I may be pretty practiced in the non conformity thing, taking risks, stepping outside the box, etc…I’m really not as great as she makes me sound.  :)

I’m just a girl, on her journey who is blessed to touch the lives I have and be blessed by those that have touched me on this crazy path I’ve chosen…that is all, nothing more.

Join us tonight at 8 PM Eastern.  I’m thinking we might do some chatting about some of the inbetweens of my last posts here up till now…and of course we will have fun…we always do!!!  :)


Be Blessed everyone!




Mar 102014

Wow this trip has been a wild adventure! I only hope I can remember all the magnificent details of this trip to share one day!!! :)



I proudly admit that I have failed in all my intent this Soul Journey. I left for this trip (which was supposed to last about a month) to help me discover some answers on my path and after 3 months I am still just as lost as ever…and a deeper hole to dig myself out of thanks to be only income being erased as well as all my hard work that apparently is only backed up by those stalking and following me.

I left for this trip with 650 dollars that was to pay for my gas money to make this happen. All else was to be paid by work I did along the way or things I sold on the road…I went from foraging for fish and weeds to eat over a campfire, doing work trade in campgrounds for a site to pitch a tent while trying to find a way to care for another person and dog with my lack of money I had and only supplies for one, painting sea shells and being GIVEN what I needed for my basic needs, like jackets, blankets, tents, towels, etc. to being treated like a princess in beach front condos, boats and more in several dozen locations….hanging out with Yale graduates and hookers, all in the same night….from poverty and lack to abundance and magic…MOST of my plans were changed abruptly on me where I had to practice going with the flow and being open to the magic…in a BIG WAY.
I have enjoyed most every minute of it…lol
Okay, actually I have enjoyed it all…

I have been able to enjoy some firsts in my life, conquer certain fears I have held for up to 27 years, reconnect with an estranged family member and help others reconnect with theirs…and make some really deep connections along the way with the strangers that were waiting for me when plans with my friends kept falling through…I have had friends and strangers alike to comfort me when the rug was pulled out from under me. I am very Blessed!!!

Yes, it’s been a magical ride, but again, I still do not have the answers I was seeking…the only truth I know is that I CAN’T keep doing things the way I have been doing them. I have sacrificed and dedicated WAY TOO MUCH OF MY LIFE in the spirit of service for others, leaving my own cup empty…and shattered.

If I had it my way I would be a life long volunteer. I never wanted to make money at it…or anything for that matter. But the reality of this earth at this time is that I must pay for a roof….just like you. I must also pay for power, gas, food, water, trash, etc….just like you.

I have decided that IF I go back to doing the show, I am going to need it to provide for me. I deserve sustenance too. My mission to be a life long volunteer is just a pipe dream and not very practical and cause for lot’s of headaches…
All those that keep saying they want me back need to start putting their money and talents where their mouths are if you REALLY want to see the show back…

This is what I need before I will consider coming back:

– A laptop that works…preferable a nice one that can handle all I do such as the show, videos, etc…and is secure.
– A wireless internet connection that will allow me to do it from anywhere.
– An income (regular donors or advertisers) so that I can eat too without having to rely on the kindness of strangers or me foraging for food which takes about all day to feed one self.
– Reliable tech and website maintenance.
– An assistant to help with booking shows, maintaining schedules, answering emails, social media, etc.

I have decided I am not wasting one more single dollar OR TEAR to put myself in this situation anymore. I and a couple of others have worked our asses off to provide the show for you for 7 years without an income. I have put myself out there to be shit on, stalked, harassed, slandered and ostracized from society, family and work possibilities leading to me not even knowing the purpose of life anymore or having much love for it. My time is not free, neither is the equipment to run it that keeps getting hacked in to and needs to be replaced every several months, as well as the technical support to do so, the internet and the electricity to run it…..

IF I am to continue with the show, the Universe is going to have to provide the way. I give up. It is not worth the struggle and the knowing that other people were hurt helping me to continue this for so long. Nor do I care to provide an opportunity for con artists, psychopaths, government hackers, infiltrators and cointelpro agents to practice their dirty deeds on well meaning people who have dedicated their lives to serving others.

I realize I might be asking for a lot, but please realize that you are also asking for a lot when you ask me to do this for you without compensation, alone.

If this is supposed to be my path, my Soul Journey then I trust it will come about somehow. If not, I pray the Universe shows me the way.

It is clear I do have value, I do have worth and I do have skills I love to share that people would also like to have…I need to learn to pay my bills with that now and stop spreading myself so thin.

I have enjoyed the adventures these years and all the wonderful people, star family that I have connected with because of it, but I’m done putting my life in jeopardy and draining myself.

Besides, I’m really not sure what I can teach anyone anymore. There are over 1000 archives of any topic known to me with SOLUTIONS about how to deal with each of the topics at hand from natural health, herbs, self healing spiritually, emotionally, mentally, physically, essential oils, breaking free of all control, trauma, politics, and all around recipes for a more fruitful and healthful life that I have lived and led by example.
What else could I possibly talk about anyway…?
I believe we are better teachers with our actions and experiences, not by our words….anyone can talk words and the sad fact is that those trying to deceive you have much more polished words to tantalize and hook you anyway. I have no desire to compete with that…or anything for that matter.

IF people REALLY wanted the info they would go back to the archives and listen, rather than expect me to produce a new show each day…the info is already there. It’s not going away anytime soon since we found someone to pay for the sites and servers that were taken down last week.

In addition to the show and my hundreds of videos, I have planted seeds in other areas creating not GROUPS, but IDEAS that can be planted and nourished anywhere like Project Love Your Neighbor, Free the Boobies, and more…
I never intended to run or control anything, I only intended to create awareness and share my path freely to show you that ANYTHING can be overcome! ANYONE can heal if they choose. We CAN live a better freer life!!!
I feel I have done my job and the rest is up to you…

My hands are clean…………………..the Universe knows what I need and what my next step is even if I don’t.
What I do know is that I need to be compensated like everyone else is.

I have served graciously and all too eagerly over the years. I don’t owe anyone anything other than MYSELF a life of LOVE, PEACE and HAPPINESS. I relinquish any unconscious vows of service and poverty I may have made unconsciously in the past. IT’s time for me to accept equal value for my gifts.

Is a new and improved Soul Journeys Radio part of my Soul Journey…?

Guess we will find out.

Thank you all for being there for me. I have made some VERY DEAR friends as I consider you all my family whom I love very deeply…
I need to start loving myself as deeply as I have loved you.

Thank you for your patience and understanding and your support of my decisions however erratic they may seem. :)

I love you!
<3 <3 <3

Feb 112014

This is a very sad day.  I am posting to inform you all who are looking for me or my videos to let you know that my stalkers who happen to run truth frequency radio have succeeded in taking all my work down with their false copyright, privacy and now trademark complaints. 

Yup, that means no more shows, no more cooking tutorials, no more gardening videos, no more herbal and healing advice…nope, truth frequency radio decided you should not have access to it any longer.

This was the latest complaint:

“We’d like to inform you that we’ve received a trademark complaint regarding your YouTube account Christie Aphrodite. Upon review, we’ve determined that activity in your account violates YouTube’s Terms of Service (http://www.youtube.com/t/terms). As a result, we’ve terminated your account. Please be aware that you are prohibited from accessing, possessing or creating any other YouTube accounts. For more information about account terminations and how our Community Guidelines are enforced, please visit our Help Center at https://support.google.com/youtube/bin/answer.py?answer=92486&hl=en.”

Since I have been on my road trip, I have been hit hard by their complaints on youtube which usually gives you 48 hours to repsond to a complaint.  However since they have filed so many this last time they just yanked everything and terminated my account, without question or any resources to contact them and ask why.  No information provided whatsoever.  However I do have a copy of how it happened.  Cristobal Castillo who also goes by Chris Gainer and Cris Geo decided since he was unsuccessful in scaring me away, threatening me away, harrassing and slandering me away, decided to trademark his fake name 10 days ago specifically so he could have all my sites removed.  All because I made one video reading his fake lawsuit in his harassment against me and many others. 

Funny how you are not allowed to defend yourself, but he is still allowed to slander me on his blogs, fake blogs in my name, videos and through various other outlets of his cult soldiers.

Don’t you just love this so called “truth” movement  LOL  You are only allowed to know what they decide you should know….perhaps now you get a glimpse as to why I have been so adamant about sharing the REAL TRUTH that alternative radio/news/etc is NO different than main stream and if you are not part of the club, you will go away one way or another…

Unfortunately these people don’t care that they are not only hurting me and my livlihood, but all of you who look to my videos for support and for finding better, easier and cheaper natural ways to take care of yourself.

I’m sure in time I will be able to see the hidden Blessing behind this because each time over the years they “they” have shut me down, I have come back stronger, wiser and more powerful.  They have made me in to the demon they so fear.

I think it’s funny that people who claim to be part of the truth movement, or all about infinite love and consciousness would dedicate their entire life the past 3.5 years to hurting me and everyone I’m close to, including their parents and grandparents by slandering us all, threatening, stalking and harassing us and by posting their names, filing false reports and bogus lawsuits, addresses and phone numbers online in an effort to get you to also harass them for simply saying no.

To this day he continues to create fake accounts everywhere to not only harass me, but to contact my facebook friends, guests on my shows, their producers, families and more…

This is my crime.  I said no to the sex and drug cult that is running the alternative media scene.

They were successful in getting our network and it’s website taken down.  They have been successful in getting people to turn their backs on each of us as well as continue to spread of their lies in an effort to scare you away from the truth.

While it’s hard to see the Blessing at this time…part of what I wanted to find on this trip was a new way to continue what I am doing, but monetize it being that I also have to make a living and am tired of struggling each month to get rent paid so I can also have a roof. 

Perhaps this is the push I need.  After 8 years of volunteering 90% of my time, I cannot go on as I have.  So now I will take the rest of my trip to figure out how I can continue to do what I love to do by helping others and still find a way to make a living.  I deserve a living too…

Yes, that means I will no longer be available for free consultations, nor will I be spending my time helping those out of a sense of obligation.  I will expect an equal exchange for my work, or put my efforts elsewhere.

Being that I am no longer allowed on youtube, thanks to some underhanded tactics employed by psychopathic predators, IF I get back in to doing videos when I return, I will be forced to pay exorbitant server fees for the bandwitdth on my sites.  I cannot do this alone as my only income has disappeared. 

I have no choice but to charge for my work from here on out.  While there have been several loyal listeners who have supported the show all this time, and some very generous people at that, it has not sustained me…and I live VERY meagerly…

I cannot sell myself out anymore.  I will not sell myself out anymore.  I don’t owe anyone a thing and I believe I more than have given back for what I felt I owed the world for putting people in my life that planted seeds to help me on the path of healing myself.  I was trying to do all I could to let the rest of the world know they didn’t have to suffer either…but now I can’t do that without more fees than what I have already been paying to put this show out there.

So sorry that everything has disappeared with no recourse.  I’m not giving up…I’m just going to do my best to enjoy the rest of my trip and look forward to the answers I have been seeking about how to make this all work.

If I could be a full time volunteer the rest of my life, that would be my first choice.  I lived it for 8 years…but now I am backed up against the wall and there are no other options to help anyone for free any longer.

If you have any ideas on how this can be done, or if you or anyone you know has backups of my videos, I would greatly appreciate receiving them.

Being that my computers get hacked regularly by these venemous vipers every few months, I have not been able to back up ANY of my direct uploaded videos, nor any of them on the road…

Thank you all for your love and support over the years.  I’m so sorry that there is nothing I can do about this.  We all lose.  Even the predators who could benefit from my information the most being that they clearly do not practice what they preach and have been suffering ill health for years with all their drug abuse and gmoprocessed diets.

Thank you again and I will update when I can.  I hope we can all find my new course together…

Blessings and Love,

Christie Aphrodite




Jan 312014

Yeah, I know that sounds harsh, but seriously think about it.  I was a “vegan…” of course I talked about that and why I am no longer in my video, “Why I’m not vegan anymore.”



I just have to say, we are on the journey of a life time, very few people will ever understand or experience for themselves.  I love hearing your feedback when I’m able to get online, but one thing I don’t need to hear is how our eating is not up to YOUR idea of what is appropriate.

We are doing the best we can and very thankful for any food that comes our way.  Although I have to admit, I’m not touching the bologna that the sweet gentleman in Alabama gifted us…still hoping to find someone who needs it more than us before we poison our dogs with it…lol

But seriously…if you have nothing better to do that go around patrolling facebook to see what other people are eating, it might be a pretty clear indicator that you have no life and may want to immerse yourself in some kind of hobby.

I’m not sorry we acquired, killed and ate our own fish.  I’m not sorry we ate ritz crackers with out salmon dip we made.  I’m not sorry that we are working our asses off in freezing temperatures and learning some serious and beautiful lessons in survival and all the Blessings that come with it.

I would suggest for you, please consider doing this for yourself.  Don’t just TALK about what others SHOULD be doing….go out and DO IT yourself.  Yes, that means grow your own food and medicine.  Prepare your own meals and when in a survival situation, have the balls to take care of yourself without begging, borrowing, stealing, whining and doing anything illegal to be fed.

I am proud of ourselves for dealing with what we have and for having the fortitude and ingenuity to stick it out.

Consider the life death life cycle….nothing lives forever….not even your cute little kitties.  We are all food for something.  Attacking others for eating a fish proves you hate life and the natural process of it.  Please feel free to hate all you want…but over there….my sphere is closed to you.  :-)

Yes, I know many don’t understand why I would bring someone with Without going in to too many details of the specific circumstances I’ll just say this….she needed to get out of a situation and I happened to be there.  She chose the struggle of survival without a dollar to her name than the comfort and money of being abused where she came from…

Yes, my plans changed and we were forced to spend gas money on things that we did not foresee since I embarked on this journey alone, but the magic that has occurred since is something words will never do justice.  It’s been beautiful and I am grateful for this opportunity!!!

My partner is a badass and I think the ONLY person I would be able to do this with!!!  She never complains, we get shit done, we sometimes do without, but all in good spirits.  No whining, no crying, no “I can’ts” or any of that bullshit most of the rest of society would do in times faced with these types of challenges….she just does what needs to be done…with a smile on her face and would never resort to doing anything illegal or begging to do so.  We like doing without sometimes.  It builds character.  :-)

I don’t know anyone who would be able to go through this as cheerfully as we have been able to and we certainly don’t need any vegan nazis patrolling the little food we’ve been Blessed to acquire.

Hate me all you want, but I think the problem might lie within you.  Perhaps you are not as spiritually as evolved as you want everyone to think you are…?  I mean seriously, if you have to tell me how great you are with your words, that means you are not showing me with your actions….and it just might be a mask because you are too afraid you would cower in fear if you really had to rely on yourself for anything.  :-)

So anyway….we made a little video talking about our experience having some vegan nazi telling us the reason we were in pain and freezing was because we ate “dead food.”  lol

Nothing against vegans or veganism in general, but when your shit stinks up my path, we do have a problem.  Police yourself and clean up your own closet before you try to tell me what I should do to clean mine on my Soul Journey…

And “Buckles,” I respect you very much!!!



Thank you to all who have helped us in this journey!  Our gratitude is much deeper than our words can express!!!  I promise you WILL be Blessed for your gifts!

Blessings and Love,

Christie Aphrodite


Jan 302014

Just wanted to put it out there…I don’t want to write a sob story or beg, but I’m in a situation where what little money I had for gas has had to be shared to feed another who was kicked out after being choked with her dog (and all that fun stuff that comes with it)…part of the reason we are struggling to get by here, foraging for food, building fires, etc…some people have asked how they can help and if we need it.
The answer is YES, we need it!!!  Some days we eat better than others, but some days we don’t…This trip was supposed to be my solo Soul Journey where I sleep in my van, have what I need and follow my heart….but that is impossible with the new passenger and dog and their belongings… and I can’t turn back yet being that I’m barely only half way through my intended destinations.
If you would like to help us continue on this adventure, there are a few ways to help.

1- do you have a safe warm place for us to stay in Florida?  We can do work trade, clean, organize, cook, etc…
2- if you have a need for modifilan you can purchase which I can send from the road… http://www.mytrueessence.net/  I am unable to send you anything else on my website until I get home.
3- If you have extra cash so we can purchase things and food we need, including staying in hotels when we get iced in…lol  You can donate to my paypal here: http://souljourneysradio.com/

Thank you so much for your support!  Prayers are welcome too!  Although it has been the journey of the century it has not been easy.
It’s been awesome opening up to the magic of the universe and being able to be on the receiving end for some of our basic needs!!!  We are learning faith and have the confidence this will work one way or another!

Blessings and Love,
Christie Aphrodite of Soul Journeys Radio

Jan 302014

What an adventure!  I’ve had internet the past few days because we’ve been iced in in Destin, Florida…holed up in a fancy motel 6!  Yeah, go figure…so here we are thinking we are going to have our feet in the crystal sands basking in the sun and it’s as low as 10 degrees with 35 mph wind gusts…lol

Yes, folks, it DOES get cold in Florida…bitter cold! :-)  Never Forget…lol

Oh well.  It’s all an adventure in our yellow submarine…lol (video below)

It is supposed to get above freezing tomorrow topping out at 45 so hopefully the ice will melt and the bridges will be open!  That will be a nice change from being below freezing all day…only took me 2o minutes to open the car door today…lol

And seriously Florida, 1/10 of an inch does not equal 8 inches, nor do you have to shut the entire city down, including the gas stations!!!  OMG.  There is this thing called salt…lol

Other than that it is beautiful…the people are kind of interesting…the blue haired snow birds are the best!!!  haha Don’t think of rolling your own tobacco because you will be accused of rolling joints!  :)

We will be back camping tomorrow and I’m not sure when I will have internet next, so here are a few videos over the past few days…we were being a little silly…but making the best of being stranded in Destin for the snow storm of the century!


And if you would like to see me get peed on by a flock of Angry Birds…okay, just hungry talented birds, watch this! :-)

Although my journey has just began, I am looking forward to getting back and doing the shows and videos soon…but I can’t rush this trip.  It is my Soul Journey…

Notice the beautiful sunset reflecting off the ice!  It was absolutely gorgeous as the clouds finally started to burn off at sunset.  The crystal sands were completely frozen!!!  Guess I was safe wearing my sandals and not having to worry about getting frozen sand in my toes…lol

Please remind me to pack some warmer clothes and shoes next time!!!

See you next time and may all Be Blessed!


Blessings and Love,

Christie Aphrodite


 Full Road Trip Playlist here: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=AAXYl1mUi2c&list=PL7A4jxydq27JsZ93QbWWgbKNHx2JCQLSN&index=1

Jan 272014

Hey all!  Here’s an update about what I’m doing, where I’ve been, where I’m going and why…?


I frequently get emails asking about my updates on some of the experiments I’ve started so I discuss the oil pulling, urine therapy and my hair armpit experiment.

Not sure when I will be home, but I’ll be there eventually and the show will go on… :)

I also wanted to let you all know I am able to send out modifilan while I am on the road, but the herbs, tobacco, teas oils and creams will have to wait till I get home…while I will not get emails here, you can contact me here for that…


Thank you all for your love and support!

Blessings and Love,

Christie Aphrodite


See more videos of our adventure here:



 Full Road Trip Playlist here: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=AAXYl1mUi2c&list=PL7A4jxydq27JsZ93QbWWgbKNHx2JCQLSN&index=1

Jan 262014

Hi there everyone!  Just wanted to touch base while I have access to internet right now.

My road trip has been extended due to some situations that have occurred on the road.  While camping in 15 degree temps with 25 mph winds can be taxing, it has been nothing short of magical.  :)

I have also acquired a passenger in the past couple weeks as she was left out stranded in New Orleans by a drugged up abuser.  Drugs are bad….mmmmmkay?!?!?!?  :)



We are making a go of it despite the scarcity of cash and supplies as she was literally left without a dollar to her name.  Thankfully I always pack extra…lol  IT’s been amazing to see how everything has transpired and how we have acquired the necessities we have needed.

We are safe and warm in a home for a few days this week before we get back to camping again which I am super grateful for!  I mean I LOVE being a wild woman, but beds and showers with heaters are cool too!  :)

To earn the extra money and supplies we have needed we have made work trades with certain campgrounds, made friends who fish and other people on the way who found out about our situation and donated a tent, a heater, blankets, food, dog food and more!!!

Hauling thousands of pounds of wood can get tough too, but I’m remembering muscles I forgot I had!  haha

We made friend with people with trucks to help us haul it in Mississippi and who happened to have a chainsaw to cut up the very large pieces we drug for long distances to keep us warm at night and have been collecting shells and wood to paint for extra cash!  I also got a couple surprise donations!  So the trip will continue!!!

I do not intend to cut it short just because we have no money!  My intent all along was to get to south Florida and get my feet in the sand so I can practice what I preach and take care of myself getting the rest and rejuvenation I needed so I can come back and hopefully put together and even better show ans videos for you! :)

Besides, I have enough meat on my bones…missing a few meals here and there isn’t going to hurt me!!! haha

I am loving the opportunity to test my spirit and stretch my experience into something that leaves me feeling accomplished and powerful.

While some might consider us as “roughing it” I can’t remember a time where I have felt this Blessed!  I would almost feel like I’m doing my experiences a disservice by trying to explain them here quickly in this blog, but I will do a video talking about it soon!  Or at least as much of them as I can remember at the time!!!

Gathering your own wood for heat and cooking, and preparing our meals with what we have foraged is extremely rewarding!  I highly recommend that for anyone!  Rather than tell me how jealous you are of our campfires, just get out and DO IT!!!  :)

I am not the same person that left in December and I feel by the time my quest is over I will have evolved even more.

I am so grateful for these opportunities and all the new friends we have met on the way, as well as the old ones I’ve been able to hug again!  :)

Thank you to everyone who has been a part of it and have touched my life in some way on this journey!

So far I have spent time in Oklahoma for the ice storm…in sandals of course…lol  Then Texas, Louisiana, Mississippi, Alabama and now we are in Florida.

I did elude to the fact that i didn’t want to come home until I found love, but I’m thinking the Universe might have other plans for me.

Truly the only place to do feel loved is on the road where I am able to be reminded of the magic all around us, be angels for those I touch and meet my angels that are there to provide for our needs as we need them.

Everything is lining up perfectly and I can’t wait to tell you all about it!  Of course its hard without internet, but in the mean time, I do have a few videos of some of our experiences I will share here below.  :)

I hope you all are having a wonderful beginning to 2014 and that you are having at least half the fun and adventure I am having!!!

See you soon!


Blessings and Love,

Christie Aphrodite



 Full Road Trip Playlist here: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=AAXYl1mUi2c&list=PL7A4jxydq27JsZ93QbWWgbKNHx2JCQLSN&index=1