Mar 112015


If you choose to give a gift and don’t want to use a credit/debut card and would perfer to us PayPal this PitchIn widget deposits from your PayPal account directly into hers.
We put together two budgets for a new computer system for Christie
System Budget Base Line
System Budget High End

Thank you for your support and as Christie does get better she will need a new computer and peripherals. For the record my goal wasn’t the cheapest I could find; it was to find the best in a reasonable price range. Let’s give Christie what she needs to maximize her ability to share with us what she has discovered; on air, in video and imagery. Remember folks the only reason Christie is in this position is because some very powerful people don’t want her to share her discoveries, they don’t want you to see the fullness of her work.

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Mar 192015

Hi everyone! I can’t thank you enough for your outpouring of love and support during this difficult time.

Good news is, I am improving! I can talk, think and remember a lot better…I can feed myself and get out of bed for the first time in over a month and I’m determined to expose the injustice and dehumanization of what I went through due to this brain swelling. Being under the influence of extreme pain without asleep for a month has not exactly been the highlight of my life, but I am thankful for the experience and can’t wait to be well enough to share what I’ve learned.

Mostly now I just need to catch up on rest, finish my meds and follow up with the neurologist. Their office has called so they did find something in the spinal tap, but at this time I do not know what it is other than the brain swelling and infection. I now need to detox and heal from the heavy drugs I was on the past 2 weeks and when that happens, I will be back online to update you all!

Thank you to russ who set this up for me and to everyone else who has donated or just called or texted to let me know I am not alone.

It really means the world to me and I have no idea how I can thank you enough.

Thank you…from the center of my heart,


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Mar 182015

Christie ask me to say thank you again everyone for your support, she is safely at home and in serious need of rest and recuperation. She apologizes, but just isn’t up to talking with everyone and responding to all of her messages voice, txt and emails yet. Her neurologist at Oak Hill has set a follow up appointment, so maybe, they will do their jobs and Christie can find out what is still causing her to be in pain, she says that it isn’t quite as bad, but one it shouldn’t be there at all and two it is still disabling her.

GoFundMe – Christie Medical Fund >

Thank you everyone who is doing something to assist Christie through this hardship,
russ dove

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Mar 152015

Christie is doing okay under the circumstances and has no idea when she will be released. As for her personal FB page going down that is a question that Christie will have to answer, I don’t know.

She will need our support when she is released, so please consider giving a little, if all who called her friend just gave $5.00 to $10.00 each she would have enough to get well on and survive.

Help Support Christie through this GoFundMe widget or the PitchIn widget above.

Thank you everyone who has given or who might give,

russ dove

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Mar 152015

Christie is alive and being held against her will in a psych ward. She is in a good frame of mind given the conditions she is forced to exist in and will give more details upon her release. I ask that everyone continue to hold her in your thoughts, prayers or whatever you do to lift others up. Thank you for your support.

Help Support Christie through this GoFundMe widget or the PitchIn widget above.

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Mar 112015

So I guess I have good news tonight finally! Still pumped up on drugs. Heavy duty antibiotics, steroids and now reduced to barbituates from morphine. Tonight around bath time was my first marked improvement since being here. I doused myself in essential oils, coconut oil and finally got to relax. I can put my head on a pillow mostly pain free, can talk better, can walk and stand longer, think more clearly, feeling stronger…so yippie! Pain is still high but I haven’t been taking them on schedule today. In fact I waited longer than my scheduled time, hours in fact the last time, whereas before I was watching the clock for hours in anticipation of pain relief.

We are getting closer to an exact diagnosis so spinal tap/lumbar puncture tomorrow which should tell us what kind of infection.

I’ve been reading a lot. I’m sure that I was right all along. The infection got to my brain. I felt it. I told everyone all along. I’m so glad we are finally going to confirm it!
And, the good news, I’m already on all the medications for all major infections, including meningitis, lyme and more so we already have a head start and healing should begin soon…
I’m convinced, and so are docs and nurses now that I did save my life with my treatments. They have never seen a healing like it and are now interested in what I did do, to not die! Lol
Thank you all for your love and support! I appreciate you being there for me during this most difficult time.

I am so ready to be free of this brain pain and Thankful for all the new lessons I’ve learned and fears I’ve been able to encounter…kicking and screaming, of course, but hey, I did it. Lol definitely good material for videos When I have Internet again. :)
Damn if only I had my computer here! Lol
My pain induced talks could have been great comedy! Drug ones could be too! Lol

Christie Aphrodite
(Copied from Christie’s Facebook page)

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Mar 092015

In December of 2014 Christie was bit by something at the base of her head and started suffering adverse effects that increasingly got worse, 3 weeks ago the problem developed into severe pain in the right side of her head. Of course Christie has been fighting this with all of the natural remedies in her arsenal and is a bit baffled as to why she is still suffering, the pain only got worse; she finally broke down and decided that she needed help. On Sunday, March 8, 2015 Christie returned to the ER of a local hospital for the second time in a week. After some blood work and a CT scan she was admitted as an in-patient. She is waiting on a visit with the neurologist and is scheduled for an MRI, in hopes of discovering the cause of her pain.

The sad thing here is that Christie was really excited about doing the shows again, so this couldn’t have happened at a worse time. She apologizes for not being here and plans to be back ASAP. In the meantime remember her show archives and other videos on:

Christie or I will update you as we know more. We are asking everyone to keep Christie in your thoughts and prayers for a safe passage and healing through this experience as she holds space in a hospital. If you wish to contact Christie you can try her email but it doesn’t always work or through her Facebook page here

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Feb 252015

Obligation vs True Desire with Leah LaChapelle

Listen to the Archive here:

Are you serving out of obligation or out of true hearts desire? Are you following your soul path or anothers imposed upon you for approval? How can you tell?

Leah LaChapelle is an impassioned facilitator of the Great Awakening of Humanity. She is among the proactive ground crew, anchoring in the New Paradigm as a speaker, author, internet talk show host, and awakening coach in Austin, TX.
Leah offers her Waking Up To….. Me! trans-dimensional awakening coaching for help and support in creating Our life
scripts at the end of this Age, and the beginning of the next.
Her live internet radio show UNZipping Reality~The 3rd Awakening is heard on Her book UNZipping
Reality, 11 Steps to Create the World We Want is available on Amazon and on her website, Leah is bringing people together and building oneness in the local and global community. She and her community are calling on activists to become vibrational “activators” of the New Paradigm, by Showing Up AS Peace.

Our Choice: FEAR  . . . or LOVE ?

What does a society based on FEAR look like? (hint: Just look around you!)
What would a society based on LOVE look like? What would the people be like?

What kind of government would they have? Is this kind of world even possible?

Scheduled Time:
Date: Thursday, February 26, 2015
Time: 7:00-9:00 PM Central

Call in: 218-339-8525

Listen and Chat here:

Feb 232015

Welcome Back AFR Relaunch

Listen to the Archive here:
02-25_2015 Soul Journeys Radio Returns – Christie Aphrodite.mp3

Please watch the video to listen to the archive if you are able, thank you for your support.

WE ARE BACK!  :-)  OMG Where did the time go???  I’m so happy to be back online (somewhat) and will be updating you all as to where I’ve been, what I’ve been up to, share some of my challenges and lessons I’ve been faced with during this extremely chaotic and transitional year…

We will discuss the vision of the future of Soul Journeys Radio and what it will take to get there.  Please feel free to call in and share your thoughts as well! :-)

Scheduled Time:
Date: Wednesday, February 25, 2015
Time: 7:00-9:00 PM Eastern

Call in: 218-339-8525

Listen and Chat here:

May 112014

Hi there all!  I know it’s been a while…I love you and miss you all, but I have not had a computer to reach out and up date on…Thankfully it looks like that will be changing soon.

So many things to update you on since my last post, but I will say this, my needs were in fact met during this journey, despite me being in the dark my last couple posts where I couldn’t actually see what was happening…  In fact it led me to a peaceful little place I call home now.  I went back to Branson last month to sell everything, give away everything I owned to live in a travel trailer on the road!  Now I can pick up and take off anywhere I want at any time…just like I always wanted! :)

I cannot explain the beautiful magic that transpired on my journey but I will say this…it was not there when I was trying to do things “my” way, follow routine and what everyone else expects.

The magic unfolded when I through caution to the wind and followed my heart 100%…not the half assed stuff laced with excuses we are so used to…

Speaking of magic and stepping outside our comfort zone…I will be joining the lovely Princess Leah LaChapelle on her show Unzipping Reality, the 3rd Awakening tonight.  :)

Check out this cool promo she made…


UNZipping Reality – The 3rd Awakening

                             with Leah LaChapelle                                   


Christie Czajkowski,

non-conformity explorer, nature enthusiast, herbalist, healer


OUT OF YOUR COMFORT ZONE LISTEN LIVE AND CALL IN 474-444-7444, ID 128838#, press “1”

Leah’s guest:

Christie Czajkowski – natural healer



Christie will guide us into our responsibility to be free by getting real, getting out of conformity, and being in a comfortable space while getting…..

….. out of our comfort zone!


ID 128838#  press “1”

                                         link to listen



                                                  Awakening Coach, Speaker, Author,

                                         Host of UNZipping Reality

Leah LaChapelle


Your reality is anxiously awaiting the UNZipping process – so take hold and…. PULL!      


Email Leah for your personal awakening session by phone, Skype, Google+, or in person

“non conformity explorer”  I LOVE that!!!  :)  Leah is so good with her words and makes me sound really special…and while I may be pretty practiced in the non conformity thing, taking risks, stepping outside the box, etc…I’m really not as great as she makes me sound.  :)

I’m just a girl, on her journey who is blessed to touch the lives I have and be blessed by those that have touched me on this crazy path I’ve chosen…that is all, nothing more.

Join us tonight at 8 PM Eastern.  I’m thinking we might do some chatting about some of the inbetweens of my last posts here up till now…and of course we will have fun…we always do!!!  :)


Be Blessed everyone!