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Chatroom is always open, but the show is live Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday, 7-9 PM Eastern Time.  Please show respect when dealing with others and their opinions.  No personal attacks will be tolerated.

To call in to the show dial 218-339-8525

Soul Journeys YouTube Channel here:

information about essential oils, herbs and natural healing, real life healing experiences as well as educational and comedy/satire videos on taboo topics!


If you pause the player and restart it it will not be live, it will start playing where you stopped; if you reload the page it will be be live.


Chat here:


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 Posted by at 8:59 pm

  16 Responses to “Listen and Chat”

  1. i forgot name used for chat how do i get it so i can play

    • You can make up any name you want any time! :-) If you register a name with chatango it will always be your name, or you can just make one up every night. I have heard sometimes that people can’t use the same one over and over for some reason, so sorry about that…just make sure you register a name so it’s your forever AND you get to type in BOLD! LOL

      • can’t i used email adddress some time ago and for got name and it wants a new emaill address. less you change name added to my email address for me like Lionclaw i seen could work. cause i can’t get it to find my lost name set to my email address. and this email is world known and not good to change it.

  2. I would enjoy you trying another angle in you poo of we see can see to same crap by asking me to watch a man that has the totally exact same Demon in him is that same as to there like twins that is in John Saul. that was with me and is pissed god would not give him the grater then the shinning exprence becouse he alway want to be the bigger and better grua shit. the demon deen in both. like you could run a film of john and see they both resond in idenical ways. i can see and hear and what his body move and hear John in him. that is not john but the same demon. john suol of eureka MT. Jesus his self has had enouth of his crap. and has came in my flesh and did the arguing and he feel to his knees when realsing it was Jesut anf agreed he was the one full of shit know it was Jesus. but like next time like week later he still the same with the smae demon retrying his shit all over again. when all i asked how come you think you so all that acting the same in your shit not helping me find ou how to fix the log to the chat as you lie when i am on it actiong like you know who i am not. in your toebyass face stuff? playing i san see to with you crumbs from the table all that god will let you see cuse of the isue you have Jesus dealing with from his home town. tull you like kid is crying and you shit is not working and go to jesus cause you knew better and he said tell the dog i don’t want to know her. thou i know who she is.

  3. did yo see the song idea we sent out on the world line to all the leaders about this? to be coming out with a song signing our home town dog crumbs look at me i am all that i am the island of my own salvation until my kid is dieing and I need jesus and jesus is siging don’t come to me bitch. i heard and seen enouth of you shit.

    O that right you don’t know who i am.

  4. Hi Christie my session just end with Larry. Was my entity and hexies remove cause the show just came to and. And Larry said I am from sirius. I want to know more. And again do I have any past live.



    • Ah yes, I’m sure he got the job done right there….you will normally feel something when they leave though. :-) I believe you sent an email and it has already been forwarded to him, so now it’s just a waiting game to see how fast he gets back to everyone!
      Have a great day and thank you for calling in! :-)

  5. the death red angel iron oxide dust cloud yaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa! sulfuric acid rain cloud lets play fling the shit i am all that. may mars pull with gravity plenty louse to kill all the she bear kids. Greg! Wynacht

  6. acid rain on them 40 days and 40 nights and god shut the door on them still beating off and they all died. Nice to see you keep my name hear Christie wearing it like a badge Gregory Cornenl Wynacht.

  7. The progressively world order movement mean revolution radio

    get you ready to walk you in to the coffin when the h2o comet red killer dust comet runs all over earth nazi told you all ready will be dust. wormwood revealed just time the least moment to act to save your asses from the least black plagues deaths. the same comet that ran in the 1347 that cause the black plague the same comet that ran when Jesus was on the cross and the sun went dark and the moon turned blood red. the same comet that cause Noah’s days float. the same come the Mayan rejected a wall in the year 761. the same comet that left the iron oxide red killer acid rain dust the idiot your you about with a comet old steal planet mantel burring off in the shy. Greg the old G W Bush came on TV and said is you world leader beside him. Wynacht blast nukes in front of it yesterday slow it down and capture it in mars orbit like the last mantel comet that was burring at high speed there at mars as a moon all ready? cause we want to come out our tunnels when you dead with our own foolish idea of utopia hail Hitler check the Vatican for comet records taken for the Mormon Jew that took them there from Jerusalem’s you can read in the Mormon book. and panted Moses on a wall along there with the Maya calendar that said it show to be seen on December 21 2012 the people from earth with 24 inch scopes did see show up on that day. the acid rain comet the bible calls your asses are dead it is done day the nazi added beside the contradiction phony book of Hebrews and added you never know the day to help deceive you when they have know the day the hole time. the Vatican imposters world order UN nazi play acting. Tesler day was a janitor in the Vatican library. Greg you has been before the world sequencing discover with a moratorium from bill Clinton only real apposes the hole time saying your asses fighting the time and time again that made Alex Jones big telling my people to hear him and he play the nut kill the food stamp people to piss me off and talk all the credit. I run some wars ran the Haiti save you from eating your babies form a earth quake . Cap your oil in the golf well with a crew fallowing my orders what and how to do and more and more and more. Killed that ass hole Soddam and Qaddafi that was having babies shoot with machine guns. many Know who I am. We jesu me and the father. all your leader all you phony TBN in the name of jesus people all the leader of the worlds all your movies stare. and they know i now lie. that comet is the comeing death sacid rain dust. Now christie see if you like whearing my name on you sight like a badge and try to act like you don’t know me like all the rest.

  8. 646572 395519Thank you for sharing with us, I believe this site truly stands out : D. 313387

  9. FINALLY I’m it’s been awhile since I got on and I’m no where near a computer so I’m using a phone

  10. i love you christie
    ~love jeromie ballinger i hope your ratings are higher than ever this up coming week

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