Dec 022012


Alrighty, so I did this video today talking about Gratitude..that really no one watched.  But in it, I was wearing a camisole and because of my long hair, some people thought I was naked….which turned into a “you should do a naked video” to well…a naked video!  :-)

You can see that video here if you like:

Thank you friends for inspiring me to get naked…on video!  It’s more than just a joke, or a stunt, it’s actually amazing how freeing and liberating it is!

I mean we TALK about the ridiculous shame and guilt in regards to 0ur bodies, sex, etc, but what are we really DOING about it?  Well, I’m not asking what you do behind closed doors…but in public?   Tobias Lars has brought up the idea of “World Naked Day” several times on the show and I think even bought the domain …so why don’t we put our money where our mouths are…?

So I thought this would be a great way to continue to strip those layers away….naked videos?  Why not?  Call me what you want, but I think this is just one small step in the evolution of freeing ourselves from the chains that bind us, the fear, the shame, the self hate…why not take a step forward and strip away at that ego that is telling us we aren’t good enough, or pretty enough, or sexy enough… NAKED BODIES AREN’T BAD OR DIRTY as we are taught, they are NOT offensive, they ARE NATURAL! :-)  I mean if we were supposed to be covered in clothes, why weren’t we born that way?  Why are we the ONLY species in the animal kingdom that feels we need clothes to hide ourselves…?

So here is the first video:

Holy Shit, I’m NAKED!!!  Now what?

So check this out…about 10 minutes later the first video response came in:

and this:


then about 20 minutes after that, the next one:


and then another hour later one more!  With many promises of more to come:


and another one:

another one!

Holy Smokes!  Another one!

one more on facebook:



The videos continue to come in….  :-)



Wow, I am so overwhelmed with these beautiful responses!  I would really love to know how you feel NOW???  :-)


And by the comments on youtube, I’m thinking there will be many more………….so think about it folks…what is holding YOU back…?  Is it the shame, is it the fear of not being good enough, is it how you believe society will perceive you…?

Any or all of these and more are OKAY to feel….and VERY REAL feelings…but do we want to let that hold us back anymore…?

I painted last week and it was REALLY hard for me to break past that barrier of fear and not being able to do something I had never done before….which gave me the courage to step outside that box just a little bit more……………..

And now, naked videos will be freeing people all over!  LOL   If you do so feel compelled to participate, PLEASE post your youtube video response….in the buff of course!  Let’s see if we can make this World Naked Day happen…and even if not, there’s nothing stopping us from participating individually…

AND it’s extremely freeing!!!  Just to try something you thought you could never do…it’s harmless…no one is showing nips or dingalings yet…………….this is NOT about sex……this is about freeing ourselves, so let me know what you think!  And please post your video responses and see what can become of this! :-)

Facebook here:

And if there is a web person who would like to volunteer to get a simple wordpress site going, please let me know!!! :-)  WE CAN DO THIS!

Amazing how it has transpired already just in the last few hours!!!  WOWEE!!!  THANK YOU ALL for your participation!!!


Blessings and Love and NAKEDNESS,



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